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SafeUM Communications ehf. takes your privacy matters very seriously.

This Policy details what information we receive, collect, and use in connection with the website located at (the Site), and the SafeUM software (SafeUM App), together — SafeUM Services.

Each time you use SafeUM Services, you agree and expressly consent to all points described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. We’ll update or modify this Policy at any time with or without notice. However, we will not use your Personal information in a way that is materially different than described in this Policy.

We will post the revised Policy on the Site.

If you are a user accessing SafeUM from any country different from Iceland, with its specific laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure, please, be advised that through your continued use of SafeUM Service, which is governed by Iceland law, this Privacy Policy, and our End User License Agreement, you are transmitting your personal information in strict compliance with Iceland law. Software SafeUM lets you send and receive voice and video calls, instant messages and other data (files).

1. Registration

SafeUM gives a user two options of registration:

with login & password
with a mobile telephone number

Nobody knows who is the owner of the account when you register using “login & password” model. You are completely anonymous.

We ask your permission to synchronize your contacts. Contacts synchronization allows you to know who of your contacts already uses SafeUM.

If you decide to use the «mobile telephone number» model, your phone number will be a unique identifier. We use third parties’ services to send you verification SMS. For this, we send your phone number and the authentication message to one of these third parties. Please, be advised: when sending SMS with a verification code, your mobile operator knows your location.

2. User’s SafeUM profile

Your profile includes your username (login or telephone number), avatar (if any), SafeNUM international mobile phone number (you choose whether to display it to your contacts or not), and other data you choose to add to your profile and make it visible to others in your Status.

We know your:

IP address;
your operation system (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, etc.);
the type of the device you used while registering or using your account (mobile device/personal computer);
the model of your device (e.g. iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S2, etc.);
your regional settings (for proper user interface);
your time zone.

3. Sharing data

We never share your data with anyone. Never.

4. Storing data

SafeUM only stores the data it needs to function properly.

Your secret keys, calls’ history, messages, and transferred files are not saved on your data storage devices. Device loss, theft or seizure will not expose your (in SafeUM) confidential information.

The encryption keys:
Public key is stored in server’s RAM
Private key is stored in user’s device RAM (deleted each time you close the messenger)

5. Tracking of logging in

Each complete authorization with your account (when login and password are entered) you’ll receive a message with the following information: the name of the device from which there was an attempt to sign in, operational system of the device, date and time of the attempt to sign in.

6. Chats

In a free version, all information is encrypted using WSS (Secure WebSocket). Usage of WSS on channel level makes impossible for the third parties (Internet Service Providers, public Wi-Fi access point owner, your mobile network operator) to intercept transferred data.

7. User’s SafeUM profile

Secure Chats (Premium package) use end-to-end encryption. It means that all the data transferred in secured chats is encrypted with a unique key known only to you. Your unique key is not saved on your device. For using secured chats your key has to be verified.

In case you change the unique key, all your interlocutors will be informed.

You can find details of encryption algorithms and mathematician model used in SafeUM on the site:

8. Calls

SafeUM-SafeUM calls and video calls

Calls are transmitted either directly from user to user (P2P) or, if a direct transmission is not possible, through SafeUM servers. All audio and video calls (even in a free version) are encrypted using end-to-end technology. Recording of your communications content is technically impossible.

We save only the time of your calls and their duration.

SafeUM-Out Calls

Each SafeUM user gets SafeNUM – international mobile number. A user can use the SafeNUM for incoming and outgoing calls. All incoming calls are free for SafeUM user. In accordance with international laws, if your country of residence is one of Euro Union countries, you have to indicate the country for proper VAT taxation.

As SafeUM provides users with a possibility to make international calls, CDR (Call Detail Records) should be collected and processed for billing purposes. These are industry standard records used by all telecom companies. These CDRs are processed by the third party (mobile operator). The third party (mobile operator) doesn’t know who is the owner of a SafeNUM phone number, thus this data can’t be used by the third party for whatever purposes.

To process your payments we use services of third parties (commercial banks). Banks take the appropriate measures to protect your personal data and to comply with relevant laws.

Voice mail is the service that allows people to leave voice messages when calling to your international SafeNUM number. Bearing in mind that those calls go through open unprotected by SafeUM channels, we deliver the message (sound file) not in cipher. We delete a voice message 30 days after it was recorded.

9. Push notifications

To let you know of incoming calls and chats, SafeUM app uses the notification service on your device. This service provided by other companies.

In order to save your device’s resources (battery life, traffic) the Application goes in an idle mode and disconnects from SafeUM servers after 3 minutes of inactivity. To deliver notifications about received messages, files and calls we use standard push services from Apple Inc., Google Inc., and Microsoft Corporation. Your confidential information is never transmitted unprotected by push notifications SafeUM doesn’t share with push-services providers your IP addresses and other data that allows identifying the user.

10. Advertisement and other spam

SafeUM’s business model excludes any form of advertisement from any companies. Also, you will never receive any messages from anybody who is not in your SafeUM contact list.

Of course, your SafeNUM international mobile phone number is accessible for incoming calls worldwide. And sometimes somebody you don’t know can call you by mistake or intentionally. The good news is that all incoming calls to your SafeNUM are free.

11. Deleting data

An account cannot not be deleted or renamed.

If you want to block your account, you can do this by using PIN codes. This action cannot be undone. The account cannot be recovered after it was blocked. The amount of money left on the account balance cannot be transferred to any other account and is not refundable.

«Disable history» feature

You can switch on «Disable history» feature in Chats. In this case, your chat history will be disabled simultaneously on both sides and will not be accessible for you and for your interlocutor.

12. site

If you have permitted your computer to accept cookies, we may use cookies on site. Our servers may automatically collect data about your Internet address when you visit the Site. Your IP Address does not include personally identifiable information.

Websites somehow linked to our Site are not under control of SafeUM, and they have their own privacy policies. We take no responsibility or liability for such websites. Site uses Google Analytics for our internal needs. We never associate any data gathered from the Site with any personal identifiable information from any source.

Contact Information

All questions in connection with this Policy can be sent to or you can connect “SafeUM Support” in SafeUM app or send a letter to:
SafeUM Communications ehf. Company
Axarhöfði 14, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland